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How to Get Involved!

  • Join our mailing list! Click here

  • Follow our Instagram @actnowjh and look out for upcoming events or public comments

  • We are ALWAYS looking for people to join us in town and county public comments! But be prepared to speak. Scared to speak or don't know what to say? We are happy to help!

  • For upcoming events, we may need assistance passing out flyers, reaching out to businesses, and getting the word out

  • Have you had a nice encounter with the local police? Or a poor encounter? Please, share!

  • Reach out and let us know how you would like to get involved  (Instagram @actnowjh or Email

  • As always, feel free to donate! We need funds for advertisements to get the word out on big issues, flyers, and this website.

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ActNow JH

We are ordinary people seeking criminal, racial, and social justice in Teton County. In the USA’s most economically unequal county, we challenge overinvestment in law enforcement and fight for restorative community services in the pursuit of collective liberation. 

IG: @actnowjh


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